Sunday, February 2, 2014

In this post, I'll be sharing with you on how to do your own AtTiny 45/85 ISP shield. Its very easy and cheap. Alright, let's begin.

Components required:
1) 1 8 pin IC Socket
2) 1 10 micro-farad capacitor
3) Some wires
4) Single Row Straight Header (About 14 pins is enough) ( 1 at 6 pins and the other at 8 pins)
5) Strip board (13 by 20 holes) ( The side with 20 holes running parallel to the copper strip)

Tools required:
1) Solder Tool
2) Solder Wire
3) Solder pump (if necessary)
4) Wire cutter

Step 1) Take the single row straight header.

Just knock the short side inwards so that the bottom pin will be extra long.

Step 2) Place the component as follows:
From the top view of the stripboard:
2.1) Place the 6 pin header 1 hole away from the bottom left edge.
2.2) Place the 8 pin header 2 hole away from the top right edge.
2.3) Place the capacitor legs into the first and fifth leg of the 6 pin header with the negative side on the fifth leg column.
2.4) Place the IC Socket 4 holes below the 8 pin header with Pin 1 and 8 aligned to the 8 pin header's second pin from the left.
2.5) Place a wire connecting the extreme left of the 6 pin header to the extreme right of the 8 pin header.
2.6) Place a wire connecting the 3rd pin of the 6 pin header (from the left) to the IC Socket's pin 8.
2.7) Place a wire connecting the 3rd pin from the right of the 8 pin header to the IC Socket's pin 1.

 By now. This is what you should be having...

If it is similar to the one in the picture, you can begin soldering the components.

Step 3) Turn the board upside down and break the circuit as follows:

3.1) Begin breaking from pin 1 of the ic socket all the way for 9 consecutive holes heading towards the IC's pin 4 direction. (Refer to diagram)

 3.2) Break above the capacitors leg at pin 1 from the extreme left of the 6 header pin.

3.3) Break just below the second pin from the left of the 8 pin header.

3.4) Your breakage point should be as follow:

Step 4) Your AtTiny 45/85 ISP Shield is ready. You can now begin programming your AtTinys.

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